Tulipon: Empowering Women with Home Period Diagnostics

Women Empowerment with Home Period Diagnostics

Tulipon is an innovative, disposable, sustainable, vaginal platform used like a regular tampon with an applicator, but functions like a menstrual cup, with diagnostic capabailities that:



Tulipon collects the vaginal effluents better/safer/longer than any other tampon or menstrual cup on the market. It offers leak free experience up to 12 hours, during any time or activity.


Tulipon monitors and screens women’s wellness & health based on biomarkers found in this “Mother Nature’s Monthly Gift”, offering period diagnostics at the palm of your hand, in the privacy of your own home.

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Tulipon: Menstrual cup with sensors
Tulipon: Period Diagnostics in the privacy of your home!

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Monitor your health in the privacy of your home

Period Diagnostics
at the palm of your hand

Vaginal wearable cup, empowering women with holistic period management & diagnostics.

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